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Trish F Leger-Author

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The Amber Druids...

Posted by Trish F. Leger on February 28, 2010 at 5:04 AM

This was something that was started after I read Twilight and realized what a huge effect it would have on not only the pop culture world but the publishing/writing world as a whole. Stephenie Meyer apparently thought of the perfect plot, perfect characters and the perfect world in which to make your mind and imagination ring with awareness. Even though it is young adult, it reads smoothly, easily, pulling in every part of your interest and causing you to want to read without interruptions, it still has that pall of desperateness to it that seeps with drama and it also has scenes where I was wishing it wasn't young adult!! LOL!! That is how easily she writes about love and desire but from the viewpoint of a teenager.


The Amber Druids came about b/c I wanted something that was high emotion, and paranormal but without the drama taking over the whole story. I wanted the reader to be able to read and get into the h/h's way of thinking and reacting about normal, desirous feelings between them without having to worry about somebody biting someone else or having to learn a glossary of words about their past or the Amber Druids past while reading my story.


I wanted to highlight the story between my h/h, not bog it down with what Druids were, or what they had been in the past. I wanted to concentrate on the emotions between my h/h and the way they feel for each other throughout the book. So I guess you could say that my stories are actually romances with a touch of paranormal, since I don't focus the whole story on the Druids.


Hopefully all of my hard work won't be for naught. I love Drake's story, just as much as the rest of the Druids and I realize that some new author's think that their first story they turn in is a masterpeice. By no means is Drake, or any of the others, a masterpeice. They all have flaws and that makes them unique. I only hope that the people judging my book for the GH awards think so too.


I've decided to post a snippet from Drake's book, so here goes*****************


“What in the hell were you thinking coming out here and baiting him like that? This is none of your business Drake, none. I could have easily handled him.” She tried not to yell, but it was hard. Instead she took deep breaths and focused on his dark silhouette against the stone of the building. The words he just said rolled around inside of her brain. He had called her a laughingstock.


“Handle him? The man needs more than just words spoken to him, he needs a good boot up his ass.” The words had enough venom in them to make Nadia’s skin crawl. Drake sounded furious, which was a first for her.

He shifted away from the building, causing more shadows to fall upon his tall frame. Darkness slithered around him like a living thing, wrapping his body in swatches of moonlight and obscurity. Nadia noticed he looked more menacing in the dark too. Shivering slightly, she tried to hide her anger and find a nice way to leave him and go back to the security of the ballroom. It wasn’t as if she was frightened of him, she was more wary than anything else.


“I still don’t understand why you came out here.” She sounded as if she cared that he came to her rescue. Damn. Clearing her throat, she looked anywhere but at him. Not that it helped. She could be blind and still know he was around. His smell, his presence, just him breathing was enough to make her body stand up and take notice.

Instead of answering her statement, he sauntered closer to the edge of the small portico where they were standing. The play of muscles in his shoulders was highlighted by moonlight. Nadia clenched her fingers against the material of her dress.


“I knew what I was getting when I allowed Donavan close to me.” Now why in the hell had she admitted that? That was none of Drake’s concern.

Shut up Nadia!

“Did you really, little Dia?” The endearment sounded condescending when he said it.

 Donavan had been the one to start calling her that. Many other society members had picked up on it also. “The man gambles most of everything he has away. He barely has money for his own business to stay afloat. He loves rich women, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you why, and among other things his taste runs towards rough sex.”

Those words went through Nadia like a shockwave. She had known some of it, and a few other things that he hadn’t mentioned, but it was still wicked to hear him talk so base to her like that. She looked towards him in the dark, and could barely make out his facial features, but she could sense strong emotion wafting off of him.

“He is scum, Nadia. Filth, so far beneath the purity of you that I’m surprised you didn’t turn brown when you touched him.” He turned to look in her direction and Nadia swore she saw a flash of golden light where his eyes were. She shivered and wrapped her arms around her upper body, not able to deal with this new side of Drake so easily. Exactly what had she just seen?

“I’m glad that you caught on to the truth before he was able to strip your wealth away, or hurt you indefinitely.”

 He left the edge of the portico and slowly walked towards her. Nadia felt as if her heart had kick started into a dangerous tempo. Something was different tonight. Something was causing Drake to act even more territorial towards her. Nadia wasn’t sure how to feel about that.

She could barely breathe whenever he stopped in front of her. His tall, massive frame made her feel ultra feminine. Her forehead came to his breastbone, and that was only because she had on super high heels. The breeze turned and Nadia could smell the tinges of some spicy, woodsy cologne that he wore. She inhaled, taking in the smell, recording it to her memory for the months to come. He was so warm. And it took every ounce of her conscience not to give into the notion to walk up to him and beg him to hold her. Just to feel those arms cradling her, protecting her, caressing her…

The air stirred near her head and instinctively she knew he had brushed his fingers over her head. She almost moaned low in her throat, but killed the noise instantly. There was the slight tug on her loose hair, and then she felt his finger trace her jaw line. Nadia almost dropped to the ground at his feet. Her breath crystallized in her lungs, and she knew in the back of her mind that this was affecting her more than him.

“I don’t think you realize the kind of hurt he could have given you Nadia.”

She tried to swallow, but her mouth was too dry. The moment was so acute that she was able to feel the calloused skin on his fingers when he brushed her jaw again.

“You are too small, too delicate, and so much more than that to allow him to mess with your life like he was doing.”

The words touched something deep inside of her, and Nadia had to clench her teeth from screaming out, but you don’t understand! This was all to keep me away from you. To keep the temptation of reaching out to touch you away from my hands, away from me!

The threat of tears returned. Oh dear God what was she going to do? This was too dangerous. She knew better than to dwell on anything he was doing or saying, but it was so hard when he was saying all the right things, and touching her in all the right ways.

You can’t have him Nadia. You knew that years ago, and you still know it now.

Listening to her conscious warring inside her head, she pulled her chin from his hold, locked the memory of his fingers on her skin forever in the vault of her mind, and slowly stepped away from him, even as her insides screamed at her not to do so.

“Whatever danger I was in with him around is no longer apparent.” The words came out low, and deep. Nadia cleared her throat and continued, without looking directly at Drake. “He will never be welcome in my life again.”


Without giving him a chance to say anything she turned and left him standing out in the moonlight, with only the sounds of night as company.

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Reply Shaz
4:19 AM on March 1, 2010 
I love you, Drake. You're so hot.

And Trish, it is a masterpiece. Duh.
Reply Trish F. Leger
10:31 PM on March 2, 2010 
LOL!!! You are so supportive Shaz...thanks hon!


PS--Drake is HOT, you are so right!!
Reply Sam Fontenot
9:19 PM on March 7, 2010 
I am very impressed with your writing, it carries you into the story and makes you live what you are reading !! I am never surprised by the talents of the people I am friends with or the ones I know occassionally! Not one of my teachers in high school gave me a chance in hell to be able to make a successful living but guess what ! Like in the movie "The Edge" there's a quote "what one man can do, another man can do " she you can do it as well!!! :)
Reply [email protected]
8:35 AM on March 8, 2010 
When it gets published, I want an autographed copy!!!
And the one after it, and the one after that!!!
Great Read!!! So happy and excited for you!!!
Reply Trish F. Leger
12:00 PM on March 8, 2010 
Sam, thanks for the kind words, and like I said on Facebook, it is hard work, sometimes people think there is nothing easier than writing down a few words and thoughts on paper and BAM, you have a doesn't work like that! These characters are in my head all day, every day, even after I have written their stories, I'm always thinking of ways to improve.

Jess, of course you will get autographed copies...just remember how strict and harsh this writing world may take years for me to get published...but I will keep you in mind...DUH! And I'm glad you liked the book!