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Trish F Leger-Author

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The Amber Druids ~ Drake

Posted by Trish F. Leger on April 19, 2010 at 8:45 PM

Here is another little snippet from Drake's book*************


“Oh no you don’t Ms. Spitfire, stop right there. We are going to finish this right here.” He pulled her close once again and she shoved. Now that he had gotten her riled, her blood was boiling at its peak.


“Let go of me!” She shoved again, only managing to make herself get tangled with his arms.


He chuckled and that really set her off. She hauled back and lifted her hand. He stopped her on her upswing, his fist crushing her small wrist. She looked up into his face but he was in a half shadow. Still, Nadia could sense his fury and she knew she had almost overstepped the boundaries between them. But that didn’t stop a furious remark from leaving her lips.


“You deserve to be slapped. Insulting me like that! How dare you!” She spit the words at him, while he pulled her closer to his massive body.


“I dare whatever I wish Nadia. You should know that by now.” His deep voice caused the hairs on her arm to lift in warning.


“Brute! All men are the same. They try and bully a woman into th-,”


He pulled her against him so abruptly that she stopped speaking all together. Now she realized the danger. Now that she was close enough she knew that he was going to punish her for the assumption she had just screamed at him. The insult hung in the air. His body was hard and so very large against hers.


His voice growled while his eyes glowed hotly at her. “You dare much by slinging that insult on me. Maybe you are the one that needs to learn a lesson in curbing what you think.

Without a second to spare his lips captured hers. Nadia ceased to move, breathe and even think.


Her body was at his mercy. He held her in a bruising grip, his hands hard around her arms, his body punishingly close to hers. Then she realized her legs were dangling from the ground. He had actually picked her up. His mouth forced hers open in a vengeful kiss, one that she had never seen coming, and he took over from there.

Hard lips forced hers open, plundering her mouth, stealing the very breath from her lungs. Nadia moaned against his mouth while her hands tried to move against his body, but she couldn’t, he held her so closely and so hard against him that any movement was prohibited.


This wasn’t what she had expected from him. But she knew she had pushed him to this. Tears bit at her eyes again and slipped over to slide down her cheeks and then to where he violated her mouth with his. Almost immediately he slowed, gentled his mouth, as if the tears had touched him and he realized just how rough he was being with her. His hands let off of their bruising grip but continued to hold her up, but softly now. His lips brushed against hers tenderly, setting off little sparks of excitement against her lips.


“So sorry,” He mumbled against her mouth, his nose bumping up against hers as he adjusted his hold on her body to where she was leaning against him rather than dangling above the ground.


Ever so gently his tongue caressed the seam of her lips, not roughly like before, but with a cautious lick that dared her to open so that he could prove to her that he was sorry. Hesitatingly she moaned against his mouth and opened slowly. One of his hands went under her bottom to keep her anchored high against his body, while the other came up to gently swipe her hair away from their faces. The strength in him amazed her and she trembled again.


“I’m sorry, so very sorry. Don’t be scared. Please.” The need, the abject honesty in his voice caused fresh tears to well in Nadia’s eyes and with a trust born of years of knowing him, she slipped her arms around his shoulders and opened her mouth fully against his, willing to take whatever he would give her.


Even though she had basically given him permission to correct what he had just done, that in no way let Nadia establish a pace with their kisses. Drake was a very dominant male. He liked to set the pace, he liked to call the shots and he was doing exactly that with her right now, albeit a bit slower and more gentle than what he had started off with.


With his forearm snug against her bottom and his other hand now cupping the delicate line of her jaw, he teased her lips, tilted his head and caressing first the top then the lower into a dance that she didn’t know the steps to, but she was learning. His breath soughed into her mouth, giving her air to breathe, since he wouldn’t let her go long enough to catch her own. A large, work roughened thumb moved across the side of her cheek while his tongue licked at the entry to her mouth. Nadia clenched her fingers in his hair and timidly let the tip of her tongue catch his. His tongue felt like wet, smooth sandpaper but his taste was hypnotic, drugging, with the faint hint of whiskey.


The growl that reverberated through his chest erupted inside her mouth. His forearm clenched her even tighter against him while his thumb applied pressure, causing her mouth to open even wider. Drake plunged inside.

Pleasure danced along her nerve endings and sang in her veins. Heat flooded her body and where minutes ago she had felt pain and such agonizing torture, she now felt like the most wanted woman in the world. His mouth moved over hers with such skill and passionate intensity that Nadia wondered how women weren’t lining up around the block for a go with this man.


Oh yes. Liquid, molten satisfaction bubbled in her blood. She had wanted this, craved this for years and now he was giving it to her. And boy did he know how to give it. His mouth never stopped moving, teasing, licking, sucking and caressing her own, just when Nadia had gotten the hang of things, he switched on her, going from teasing the inside softness of her lips to plunging his tongue deep, the way Nadia knew his body could do to hers.


Seconds later he pulled away slightly. She still rested on his forearm and against his body but now his mouth only whispered against hers, giving her fantastic tingles that trembled along the top of her lips and skin. His eyes were closed and Nadia didn’t move away but stayed to where his lips brushed hers with soft, so very tender nips.


“I have to stop angel…if I don’t I might do something that I’m sure would shock you.”


Nadia smiled slightly and answered truthfully. “I can’t possibly be more shocked than I am now.”



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Reply Motherinlaw
10:33 PM on April 19, 2010 
Oooooh, I love me some Drake!