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Trish F Leger-Author

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Getting closer

Posted by Trish F. Leger on June 15, 2010 at 10:05 PM

Well, the days are crawling by and life continues to move on...closer to the RWA conference in Walt Disney World! I'm starting to get a bit more excited but like usual it probably won't hit me until the day of. Then I'll probably be nervously sick.


I have plans to hit all of the publisher signings so that I can get some of my fav authors to autograph books for me. I will also be going to the Literacy book signing so that I can purchase a few for me, coworkers and friends. The proceeds go to the literacy council.


My writing hasn't been moving that well, but hopefully I can find my missing muse and cajole her back to me so that she can start sending me more ideas. I keep trying to switch tactics and write other genre's but so far it isn't working. The BRAVA WRITING WITH THE STARS contest is coming up soon, hopefully that will give me the incentive to wake the heck up.


Maybe another snippet, this time from BRENAN (3rd book in the Druid series) will remind you that I am an actual author!! LOL...enjoy...




Jules looked at the sexy smile on his face and felt her blood warm. She needed to get back on track with her questions. “Since you said that you turn during emotional times does that mean that you can also control your eyes and fangs?”


He sent her a slow, delicious wink and she watched as his eyes turned immediately. Heart pounding hard, but not with fear, she kept on looking.


“I can change it at will.” His deep voice told her. Seconds later he smiled and the tips of his fangs showed. They looked deadly sharp in the soft light coming from the lamp beside him. “But I also change in stressful or excited moments.”


“Are they sharp?” The question was out before she could stop herself. The heat of a blush worked up over her cheeks as she caught the humor in his amber gold eyes.


“Why don’t you come over here and find out?” As he spoke the very tip of his tongue caressed the edge of one of those fangs and Jules almost passed out from the suggestive intent in that statement


She found words to say, but barely got them out. “Don’t think I’m going to fall for that, sparky.”


The humorous look fled. “It was worth a shot.” He looked so hurt that Jules couldn’t help but let out a light laugh. His eyes watched her as she laughed. “You should do that more often. It’s a lot better than that closed off expression that you keep up whenever someone gets too close.”


She stopped automatically and shifted on the loveseat. As if he knew that she needed the change of subject he said, “Is there anything else you can think of, something that you might want to know about us?”


Jules stifled some of the questions that immediately popped up in her mind but what really amazed her is that she wanted to know more about him, not his Druid side, but the man that he was. She wanted to know what he wore to bed at night. She wanted to know what kind of cologne he used. She wanted to know what his favorite food was, what his favorite color was. She wanted to know things that she shouldn’t. Looking into his blue eyes, she tamped down the hopeless attraction that rose whenever he came near.


She was caught between wonder and a somewhat state of fear where Brenan was concerned. His body was like some large sprawling masterpiece, sitting on her sofa all but begging her to touch him, to learn every intriguing bit of him. His mind was adept and knowledgeable enough to keep her entertained of his past for hours and his charisma, his charm wooed her every time she got within ten feet of him.


Oh, she burned with questions but they were questions she had no right to be asking.


“I will need some time to digest all of this.” She whispered as she caught his eyes looking her over. The fiery sweep of blue went from her boots to her green tee shirt. Her skin instantly tightened and a blush roared like fire under her clothes. Every single erogenous zone on her body came to instant life with one intent look from him.

“That is understandable.” He replied with a hooded blue gaze that made her fidget. Jules fought the urge to look away.


“If I think of something I can always call you.” She wet her dry lips with her tongue and shivered when he followed the movement with eyes that looked like blue flame.


“You can call me anytime Jules, remember that, anytime.”


Then as if he was snapping himself from some dream he blinked and shook his head, looking in the other direction. Jules stiffened whenever he stood and grabbed his jacket from the back of the sofa. The intriguing glimpse of that tattoo was hindered whenever he shrugged on the jacket and she stopped herself from asking him about that mark and when he had gotten it.


“I need to go. Got some calls to make, but I will let you know whenever Kale and Ram get back to me with those lists that you gave them to do.” He moved to the door and reluctantly Jules rose and stood there, confused but not knowing how close she should go.


“Thanks for coming and cluing me in on the information I needed.”


He gave her one more burning glance then opened the door. “Your welcome, make sure you lock up.” He told her as he tapped on the locks then he silently closed the door as he left.


Jules stood rooted to the spot. The burning of desire in her body should be dangerous to her, not to mention a reminder of what she could do, but instead it just made her realize that Brenan was going to be harder to resist than she first thought. He had entered her home, been a complete gentleman, albeit with a few innuendos and yet she had wanted to rub all over him like some animal in heat. It was disgusting. It was shameful. It was amazing, because to her it had been ten years since a man had awoken her desire, and she was burning inside to let him have his wicked way with her.


Don’t let yourself fall for him Jules. You could harm him but he could inflict his own harm too. Keep your heart intact, not to mention your sanity.


Damn, how was she going to stop from falling for him? Her self imposed prison was crumbling around her and Brenan was the one that could bring it crashing down.

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Reply Wendy
8:59 PM on June 16, 2010 
This is great Trish! Keep up the good work girl.
Reply Trish F. Leger
9:09 PM on June 16, 2010 
Thanks Wendy, I'm doing my best! Good to hear from you!

Reply AKarpirupposse
5:58 AM on August 5, 2018 
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