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Trish F Leger-Author

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The Amber Druids-

Prequel to the Amber Druid Series
(out now on Amazon--ebook only!!)

He’s always been her temptation…will she finally give in?


Liana Morgan is the consummate business woman, buttoned-up, strait-laced, and very in tune with every aspect of her restaurants. She is closed off from emotional entanglements of any kind, not letting a single distraction slip under her skin.

Now she’s in New Orleans, tying up the last few loose ends with a new restaurant, when her one temptation strolls, oh-so-casually, back into her life. Traven Campbell is an AMBER DRUID like her, and the one man she’s never been able to completely block from her mind. Every molecule of her ‘good girl’ persona wants him, and always has, but it’s not enough for her…or is it?

Traven Campbell is a player, and proud of it. He’s easy-going, laid-back, and an expert bachelor. But even womanizers have jobs. His latest is shadowing a target for the New Orleans P.D. But while on the watch, he’s shocked to see Liana, the one woman he’s never managed to coerce into bed, WITH his target.

Determined to find answers, Traven confronts Liana, and soon business and pleasure are mixing with the sultry heat of New Orleans. Will Liana finally give in? Will Traven be able to tempt her beyond her invisible moral line? Or will Traven’s target call the final shot?




From InD'Tale Magazine (4 1/2 stars and a crowned heart!)

"Traven Campbell is a PI on a case to find hard evidence against a well known business man in New Orleans. While investigating, he comes across Liana Morgan, an Amber Druid like himself. She is also one very sexy woman that he has had on his mind for a centuries. Can he make room for this beautiful woman while building his case at the same time?

 Liana Morgan is all business with no time for dating, or a social life. But seeing Traven again makes heat spread to every part of her body and leaves her brain in a fog.  When Traven tells her the person she is in town to do business with is dangerous, it gives her the perfect excuse to stay close to him.

Amber Druids, dangerous men, an investigation, hostility, and sexy, steamy love scenes are all rolled up in Trish F. Legers “Her Druid Temptation”.  Paranormals are always fun, especially when the characters have the type of heightened senses that make for a very sensual journey.  This story enjoys written scenes, great detail of the here and now, along with romance between two very interesting characters. Although lacking slightly in history between Traven and Liana, it does not take away from the wonderful story that is unveiled before one’s very eye. Truly a fun book to warm the soul!"

From Romance Junkies (4  stars!)

"HER DRUID TEMPTATION is an amazingly awesome novella. I just wish it could have lasted a little longer. It is dangerously sensual and the story simply mesmerized me. Author Trish F. Leger could not have written a better teaser for her AMBER DRUID series than HER DRUID TEMPTATION. Traven and Liana are a passionate and the fact that they are Amber Druids only makes things more interesting. Their story is a page-turner. I cannot wait to read the next novel in the AMBER DRUID series, HER DRUID DESIRE. I am sure it will be just as fascinating."

by Pamela Lynn

Ms. Leger does an excellant job of character development early in this book. MNChick  |  5 reviewers made a similar statement

HER DRUID DESIRE--Drake and Nadia
Out now!!!! For purchase at Amazon (ebook) Print coming soon!


At the tender age of sixteen, Nadia Morales loses both of her parents in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Growing up as a ward of the state of Texas, she was shy and painfully introverted. Against all odds, Nadia became one of the youngest CEO’s in the state of Texas. She learned the hard way that putting her trust in the wrong man, an insider in the business world, sometimes gets you nothing but pain and heartache. But sometimes, karma has a way of straightening out those curves life throws at you.

Meet Drake Thompson-business owner, Wall Street guru, and good ole Texas playboy- he’s got  the requisite amount of ladies fawning over him to prove it. Since the death of Nadia’s parents, he’s watched out for her, and always kept a keen eye on her business proceedings. He’s never been more proud than when she was named President for the Browning Corporation. He believes his soft spot for her is purely innocent…as that of a family member…but is it?

But each of them is hiding something life altering from the other. Nadia…her obsessive love for a man that treats her like a kid sister, and Drake, well, he’s not wholly human. While their secrets marinate in mystery and denials, the pressure builds, culminating in a final revelation of barrier breaking truths.

Will Nadia finally be able to have the man of her dreams, or will Drake’s true nature destroy this couple’s chance at love?


HER DRUID FANTASY--Ramsey and Vivienne
Out NOW--Ready for Purchase at AMAZON and SOON in Paperback!

"Trish Leger writes with such elegance, such depth that I was transported into the Druid world and didn't want to come back from it. A truly sweeping, sensual romance that had me under its spell from the first page."--EDEN BUTLER, Amazon Bestselling Author of the Seeking Serenity Series


Can her fantasy survive a life-altering change to become her reality?

Vivienne Rockport has never shied away from commitment or hard work to achieve her goals. She is proud owner and proprietor of a successful, high-end antique shop, Diamond In The Rough. She’s dedicated years of her life to establishing her business, and she’s done it all on her own. Or has she?

Disappointment sets in when Vivienne discovers that someone with extensive connections may be responsible for her shop’s success. The knowledge creates a snowball effect that rolls into an avalanche of hard-hitting truths. Will those truths, along with a coming of age occurrence, be more than Vivienne can bear?

Ramsey McMurray is a typical Wall Street businessman—with a debonair sense of style, devastating charm, and dripping with immeasurable wealth. However, there is more to the man than he reveals to the world. When he learns that a close acquaintance of his is merging into his world of Amber Druids, it puts a strain on an already stressful situation.

Can Vivienne and Ramsey’s tumultuous relationship survive the turmoil?

HER DRUID SEDUCTION--Brenan and Julianna