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Trish F Leger-Author

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What I've devoured lately...


Sarah McCarty-Promises Reveal

Well, if anyone hasn't picked up a book by Sarah by now, then they need to, but only if you can handle a searingly hot read by a phenomenal author.

Sarah taps into every emotion of the character, and in turn leaves the reader breathless as to what will happen between them next. Brad is a great character, three dimensional, so alpha and possesively tender that you will want to keep reading more. Evie is a charming herione, with quick wit and strong sense of worth even in the face of Brad's sometimes highhandedness.

This is a definite re-read. Kudos to Ms. McCarty to writing what a woman really wants to read.

Rating-Fingertip Scorcher!


Catherine Anderson-Early Dawn

Ms. Anderson's return to the time of KEEGAN'S LADY was worth waiting for. As always her stories are unforgettable, timeless and powerfully rich with emotion. Early Dawn is no different.

Eden and Matthew learn over time to trust and love each other with an easiness that is real and tangiable. The characters leap from the pages with smart dialogue and a 'flow' that tells you that you are reading a pure treasure.

The dangerous situations are real and you FEEL it when you read it, the same goes for the passion and the love between them.

Treat yourself to a great book by Ms. Anderson.

Rating-Sweetly tender but with heat too!


Lisa Kleypas-Blue Eyed Devil (reread)

This one is a no brainer! If you have not read Hardy's story then by should leave skid marks where you are standing at this moment!

Ms. Kleypas's writing is, as always, in depth, emotionally wringing and so exquisitely tender at some times that you catch yourself tearing up. It is the same with her historicals. She has this simple, straightforward way of pulling you in without all the extra hype and baggage that usually accompanies a plot.

Hardy is another alpha, possesive, yet tender male that writers wish they could copy and readers foam at the mouth to read about. Only Lisa could deliver such a complex but shoot from the hip hero. His herione is at first timid and contrite but after putting up with something that no woman should have to, she morphs into an independent, self surviving phenom, bringing even more emotions to the fore in this book.

Rating-Very tender moments with plenty of heat!


Judith McNaught-Whitney My Love (reread, countless times :)

I first read Whitney as a senior in high school, needless to say I was shocked at what they could put in books! With it being my first romance, well, there were many things about it that I instantly loved.

Clayton Westmoreland was one of those things. Arrogant, pigheaded, high handed, and so damn conceited (at least to me, at first). But no matter what or how he acted in the first part of that book, my heart beat harder everytime I got a glimpse as to what he was thinking.

Whitney was also stubborn, and hardheaded, but I loved how different she was from the other straitlaced women of her era...and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't stop herself from falling in love with him.

There is a scene in the book that was horrid but it showed just how much Clayton felt for her after it happened. This scene has had much debate thrown about, some suggesting that it shouldn't be in there b/c of how horrible it was, but in reading it and reading it over again, I have come to realize that immediately after that scene you notice Clay's guilt and his apparent love for Whit.

Clay and Whit's story is a treasure in the Romance world. It is a keeper for me and always will be b/c of the enormity of emotions that you experience when you read it.

Rating-Stunning story with heat and emotion filled moments!


Kerrelyn Sparks-The Vampire and The Virgin

I don't remember ever reading a book by Ms. Sparks, so this is a first for me. Olivia and Robby were both extremely likable characters and they pulled you in immediately. There is a large amount of humor in this story and I found myself laughing out loud at moments.

There were many secondary characters, which makes sense b/c I think this is like the eigth book in a series, and I think I want to go back and read some of those stories!

I LOVED Robby's Scottish accent and I also loved the fact that he was a vampire...YUM! Although I could have seen a bit more 'heated' moments, and a bit more 'teeth'!! :) But all in all it was a wonderful book and I WILL be buying more books by Ms. Sparks again!

Rating-Good story, lots of humor and some hot moments!


Sarah MacLean-Nine Rules to break when Romancing a Rake

This is a debut book by an author new to the romance world. And if this is what she has to show for her first works, and if other books follow like this one, then I will GLADLY buy anything she has to offer.

Callie has turned into a wallflower of the first order, but she definitely remembers her one shining moment in the sun. The night that the Marquess of Ralston uttered her name with respect and caused her to look differently at herself and her situation. Ever since, every dream, fantasy she has had has been about Gabriel.

Now, bored with her sorry life, she starts a list, with her brother's urging, and the list takes over her life, filling it with adventure and many moments that no unmarried lady of the TON should be part of. But with Ralston by her side many of her fantasies are coming true, she just doesn't know if she can believe anything he says about her.

This book was a treasure to read. Amazingly tender and at times scorching with its intensity. I DARE any romance reader out there to pick it up and NOT put it on your keeper shelf. I WILL be buying Ms. MacLean's books in the future.

Rating-Very tender, romantic and sensual with plenty of heat!